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2017 – On the road again

Well here it is…finally, a new blog!

It’s been a busy time professionally for Bobby and me. I’ve been working full time in London’s West-End on the official Motown Musical. So far we’ve been visited by The Four Tops, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wilson from the Supremes, and the main man Berry Gordy. We’re still waiting for Stevie to drop in though!

I’ve also been lucky enough to start working on some gigs with 80’s legend Nik Kershaw. I never realised how complex and clever his song writing was and also what a great guitar player he is. An Axe FX devotee too. It’ll be an 80’s poptastic summer with some gigs with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet too – probably the most fun gig I’ve ever done.

All is quiet with the Queen Extravaganza this year apart from one gig in Hawaii later in the year. The reason for this is that our immensely talented drummer has joined the actual real Queen on percussion and 2nd drums. As a life long Queen fanatic this is a dream come true for him so we wish him well on their latest world tour. In the mean time you can buy our Live At Hammersmith CD from the official queen website:

Bobby meanwhile is currently in rehearsals with the legendary Cliff Richard for his 2017 European summer tour. Bobby has been testing out his new Kemper rig and so far everyone is loving it. Bobby has also landed some nice endorsement deals with Chichester based Eternal Guitars and Hot Rod Pickups. So far he has had 2 very nice custom Eternal guitars built by the very talented Dave Walsh which he’ll be using on tour with Sir Cliff.

Both of us are using Kempers now but I’ve also recently bought an amazing head and speaker cab from another 2 British companies that I couldn’t recommend enough. Check out Victory Amps and Zilla Custom Cabs.

There’s a new lesson up on the site this week as I’ve had many requests to teach the Billy Gibbons style solo I filmed a long time ago. Hope you enjoy that!

Anyway, thanks for your continued support and hope you are all enjoying FretHub’s online guitar lessons!