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Advanced Lessons

Advanced Lessons

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Sweep picking arpeggios are a very effective way to play super fast, fluid, melodic arpeggios and melodies all over the neck. In this exciting series, Bobby gives you an in-depth course on the technique.

You will start by learning some of the more bluesy applications of sweep picking, before going on to cover major, minor and diminished sweeps across three strings, then huge, five-string sweep arpeggios. You can follow chord progressions using these shapes, adding an extra dimension to your lead playing.

Bobby also shows you how to harmonise fast sweeps in a two guitar band or when layering guitar parts in the studio as well as showing you how to further extend your harmonic palette, using bigger major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th and minor 7 flat 5 sweep arpeggios.

A course not to be missed!

If you’ve ever wanted to play lighting-fast, fluid licks and runs, this series of lessons is for you!

Bobby shows you over 50 legato licks that you can incorpotate into your own playing.

Learn how to build up strength in your fingers and play smooth, rapid-fire lines with hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and very minimal picking.

The series also includes some cool string-skipping ideas, pentatonic licks and even some bluesier, more tasteful applications of the legato technique.

If you’ve ever wanted to play fast, fluid tapping licks and runs, then check this out….

Bobby gives you a crash course in this exciting technique, taking you from the bare basics to more advanced tapping ideas that you can incorporate into your lead playing.

The series also includes pentatonic tapping runs, some cool string-skipping arpeggio licks and some outrageous ideas using the side of the pick to tap and slide notes.

Economy Picking is a very efficient way to play super-fast picking licks and runs and there are plenty in this series of lessons. Economy picking is essentially where sweep picking and alternate picking meet.

Bobby starts by showing you the mechanics of this great technique, but very soon you’ll have a whole bag of great, rapid-fire licks and runs that you can incorporate into your own playing.

You’ll also learn: how to practice with a metronome; “Inside” picking runs; combining economy picking with hammer-ons, pull-offs and legato licks, plus some cool string-skipping and pentatonic ideas.