Complete guitar course


The Foundation Course

This is a Complete Guitar Foundation Course which teaches the right stuff in the right order at the right pace. Perfect for beginners, intermediate players with gaps in their knowledge, or anybody with a desire to finally learn to play the guitar properly. There are very few more experienced teachers and musicians than Nick Radcliffe and Bobby Harrison.

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In this first series of videos, Bobby and Nick take you from never before having picked up a guitar to being able to play some classic songs in just a few short lessons.

You will learn: The anatomy of the guitar and the names of the open strings; lots of essential chords and how to change between them; how to strum, plus many popular chord progressions and classic songs. Remember, you get out what you put in, so be sure to practice regularly. However, when you’re starting out learning guitar, it’s natural to experience some soreness in your fingertips. Please do not play through pain. If you feel discomfort at any point, please stop. Rest assured your fingertips will soon toughen up.

In this second series of lessons, Nick and Bobby introduce us to many more exciting techniques and ideas to further improve our guitar playing.

Subjects covered include: The 1st position chords of D minor and F; Power chords; Palm muting; Rock n’ roll/Blues 12 bar shuffle riffs; Finding the notes on the neck and some classic riffs and songs including: “The House Of The Rising Sun”; “Everybody Hurts”; “You Really Got Me”; “All The Small Things” and “Save Tonight”.

In this third series of lessons, Bobby and Nick take your playing to new heights, introducing you to more exciting techniques and ideas.

You will learn: alternate picking; great picking exercises to improve left and right hand co-ordination; how to tune your guitar by ear; dominant 7 chords; major and minor bar (or barre) chords and many classic songs.

We cover a lot of ground in this fourth series of lessons. You will learn: Major and minor scales in the first positon; how to speed up your chord changes; the fingerstyle technique; how chords are made; major 7 and minor 7 chords; the all-important E minor pentatonic scale, hammer-ons, pull-offs and some classic songs.

In this next series of lessons, Nick and Bobby present a thorough introduction to playing lead guitar, providing you with a solid foundation to become a great soloist.

We cover a wide range of techniques and ideas including: the minor pentatonic scale; fast hammer-on and pull-off trills; expressive techniques such as vibrato and string bending; lots of cool blues/rock licks that you can practice over two great backing tracks; the blues scale; extending scales by breaking out of the box shape; incorporating slides and much more.

This essential module is all about chords. You could be the world’s best lead guitar player, but chords and rhythm guitar make up 95% of the playing of most working guitarists – so get watching!

The songwriters among you will also benefit greatly from this module as we cover: primary chords (or the i, iv, v chords); relative minors; the seven diatonic chords available in each key; the diminished chord; extending the harmony of chords using major 7, minor 7, dominant 7 and minor 7 flat 5 voicings; getting more from power chords; Add9 chord shapes; Sus (or suspended) chord shapes; 9th chord shapes; Dominant 7♯9 shapes (or the “Hendrix” chord) and lots of tips and advice on songwriting and how to incorporate these ideas and approaches into your own playing and compositions.

In this comprehensive module, Nick shows you how to spice up your chord playing by creating more movement in your chord progressions. This will inspire you if you’re a singer/songwriter or if you want to make your rhythm guitar parts more interesting and musical.

We cover: Using a Capo and Harmonising using 3rds, 6ths, Octaves and 10ths. We also look at some Jimi Hendrix-esque rhythm and blues approaches to embellishing chord progressions.

A huge amount of information is provided within this set of lessons so don’t worry if your brain starts to hurt!

Please note: We recommend using the ‘Learning The Neck’ module as a reference to accompany these lessons.

In this lead guitar orientated module, we cover a lot of ground, taking our playing to new heights as we prepare to become even better soloists.

Subjects covered include: Improvisation techniques such as question and answer phrasing, repetition and timing; fast, descending pentatonic runs; lots of cool, bluesy rock licks; the major pentatonic scale and more. There’s plenty here to have a lot of fun experimenting with.

In this more advanced lead guitar module, you will learn lots of cool double stop licks; a very useful way of extending the E minor pentatonic scale; yet more useful rock licks and new techniques; how to spice up your lead playing by adding extra notes to the minor pentatonic scale; combining the major and minor pentatonic scales; the 7 note natural minor scale; the 7 note major scale; tremolo/whammy bar techniques; all about harmonics and more.

In this series of lessons, Bobby shows us some useful chord extensions. You may already be familiar with Major 7, Minor 7 and Dominant 7 chords, but here, we extend the harmony even further, creating 6th chords, 9th chords, 11th chords, 13th chords and many, many more.

All the chord extensions are shown diatonically, so we will develop a strong knowledge of harmony and will leave this series of videos knowing the right chords to play in any given key. This knowledge will also aid your songwriting and compositions and add flavour to your existing chord progressions.