Complete guitar course


Level 6

This essential module is all about chords. You could be the world’s best lead guitar player, but chords and rhythm guitar make up 95% of the playing of most working guitarists – so get watching!

The songwriters among you will also benefit greatly from this module as we cover: primary chords (or the i, iv, v chords); relative minors; the seven diatonic chords available in each key; the diminished chord; extending the harmony of chords using major 7, minor 7, dominant 7 and minor 7 flat 5 voicings; getting more from power chords; Add9 chord shapes; Sus (or suspended) chord shapes; 9th chord shapes; Dominant 7♯9 shapes (or the “Hendrix” chord) and lots of tips and advice on songwriting and how to incorporate these ideas and approaches into your own playing and compositions.