Complete guitar course


Learning The Neck

The Learning The Neck module was designed to be a course within a course. Weighing in at just under 50 lessons, it’s a valuable, in-depth study into mapping out the fretboard and unlocking the neck. If you’ve always wanted to instantly locate each note on the neck, play any chord or any major, minor, pentatonic or blues scale in any key all over the neck, this series of videos is for you. Note finding excercises and visualisation formulas are covered as well as the famous CAGED system. The CAGED system enables you to play any chord or scale by recalling just 5 shapes. It’s also very useful for soloing as well as aiding songwriting and composition.

You can choose to study this module in its entirety or use it as reference material, dipping in and out while you continue to study the other lessons on Frethub. Either way, this course will soon have you flying effortlessly all over the neck.