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Hi everyone,

Bobby here.

I’m back on the road with Brit Floyd again. We’re 3 shows into an 11-week, 55-date tour of Europe and the UK. I’m currently typing this from backstage at Stadium Live in Moscow, Russia.

I come bearing great news for all our FretHub members. We have fantastic, fresh new lesson content available in FretHub’s ever-growing Intermediate section.

First up is a comprehensive study into the techniques of String Bending and vibrato:

This stand-alone course serves as a valuable refresher of the string bending and vibrato techniques. Bobby demonstrates different types of finger vibrato, as well as showing you how to achieve sweet, singing vibrato, using the whammy bar.

String bending is also covered in great depth, as Bobby provides you with all the essential tools to be able to pull off this technique with the minimum of effort. You’ll learn some cool bluesy-rock licks too.

A must for anybody new to the techniques of string bending and vibrato, as well as the player looking to refine their technique.

Next up, we have our Electric Slide Guitar module:

Comprising 17 videos, this is the definitive slide guitar course.

In this series of lessons, Bobby and Nick introduce you to a wealth of slide guitar licks and techniques. You’ll learn all the fundamental muting and vibrato techniques found in slide playing, as well as some bluesy solos in Open E and Open G tunings, plus some great, rockier ideas in Standard tuning.

As well as providing you with advice on which type of slide to use, how to have your guitar set up for slide playing and teaching you an arsenal of slide licks, Bobby and Nick break down entire blues solos, further increasing your slide guitar vocabulary. Additionally, you’ll learn some great chord ideas, hammer-ons and harmonica-like rolls using the slide and some wild tapped harmonic slide ideas.

This course is a must for anybody looking to improve their slide guitar playing.

Additionally, we have a new Blues Guitar series of lessons coming soon. Volume 1 has already been filmed and production of Volume 2 will be underway within the next couple of weeks.

Funk fans, don’t forget to check out Nick’s Funk Guitar course. In this 7-part series, Nick demonstrates a wealth of valuable techniques and ideas for both classic and modern funk.

As always, both Nick and myself would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to all our new members and also to thank our long-serving, loyal FretHubbers for their continuing support. Don’t forget, in addition to FretHub’s homepage, you can also follow us on Twitter and ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

I just wanted to wrap things up by letting you know that we intend to film a wealth of new lesson content over the coming months and we’re sure you’ll like what we have to offer.

Have a great week and thanks, once again, for continuing to learn guitar online with FretHub.

All the best,

Bobby and Nick

The definitive slide guitar course - only at FretHub