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Hi everyone,

Firstly a big welcome to all our new members – we hope you are enjoying using the site!

We are in the final stages of creating a mobile-friendly version of FretHub. I know we’ve been slow on the uptake but for years we always thought that the best user experience of FretHub would be on a desktop or laptop computer. Now that most people tend to do their ‘interwebbing’ on Phones and Tablets though, we’ve realised it’s not so device friendly! Watch this space for the completion announcement.

Nick (me!) has had a brilliant summer touring the UK radio stations performing live acoustic sessions with ex-Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley, promoting his new album ‘Talking To The Moon’. This was followed by a week long tour with 80’s legend and all round brilliant songwriter and guitarist Nik Kershaw. This culminated in a show to 10,000 people in a field in Bavaria which was live streamed on Bayern 1. Meanwhile the relentless 8 performances a week in the Official Motown show in London’s West End continues but it will be closing mid 2019. Nick will also soon be embarking on another 4 -week UK tour with Roger Taylor’s Official tribute ‘The Queen Extravaganza’.

Frethub is now coming up to 7 years old and we still think it’s the best place to learn guitar properly and thoroughly on the internet. The combined learning and professional experiences of Nick and Bobby were carefully refined into what we always believed is the most concise fast track for beginners who don’t want to take traditional lessons.

In the years since we started, Nick has become a Daddy and we have both luckily been extremely busy in our professional lives and since living in different cities been unable to add the level of content we had originally planned. This was combined with many peoples opinions that there is more than enough here for most people to get their teeth into so filming new content  is by no means over but apologies to anyone who’s waiting for the country chickin’ pickin’ jazz demolished super-locrian course – we simply haven’t had time!

As a result of this FretHub has sadly had to wave goodbye to Bobby as he has launched a new website ‘Absolute Blues Guitar’. We wish him all the best with his new venture and thank him for his wisdom and considerable lesson content which will remain on

All the best!