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Summer 2019

Greetings everyone. Nick here…

Its that time of year again – new blog time! I’ve realised it’s a while since the last one!

I’ve just finished a set of 3 consecutive ‘Let’s Rock’ 80s festivals with the legend that is Nik Kershaw. Fantastic songs like ‘Wouldn’t  it be good’, I won’t let the sun go down’ and ‘The Riddle’ in front of 20,000 people each gig with the best band I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with.  Next I have to brush up on the full set for a tour of Germany.

Straight after that it’s into the West End to make my debut on the official Tina Turner musical. It’s a unique show as the band is on stage and the past 20 mins is a full-on rock concert so I need to get learning. Also, unlike all the other shows, instead of using Axe Fx, the guitarists use Kempers and I must say the guitars sound awesome. The amazing guitarists Dave Holmes and Marco Gerace did a great job programming and fine tuning the parts and I’ve really got my work cut out!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to tour with the Queen Extravaganza in Brazil this month but we will be going back there in September which I can’t wait for. And then it’s a tour of Asia through October and November. Sadly our drummer and MD Tyler Warren won’t be with us as he is out on percussion duty with the actual real Queen.

I recently finally bought my own Red Special with a nice ‘family’ discount from Brian May Guitars! One reason was to test out a Kemper Profile I recently bought from Top Jimi of a cranked Brian May edition AC30. It sounds great and with a bit of fine tuning it could end up replacing the 3 AC30s I have to take on tour with the Queen show. Having consistency of tone every night would be a huge godsend and taking away the volatility of the amps which take one hell of a beating running maxed out for 90 minutes every day!

The other reason is I am planning a series of Queen Tutorials hopefully with Brian May’s blessing. More about this to come….

In the mean time a big welcome to all our new members and hope you enjoy what we believe to be the most complete and best value no-nonsense guitar course on the internet.