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Intermediate Lessons - Soloing With Arpeggios

Soloing With Arpeggios – Part 1 (introduction)

Backing Track

Smooth Groove in Dm (Soloing With Arpeggios)...

Module Overview

Everything you ever wanted to know about arpeggios, but were afraid to ask! This mammoth series of lessons spans 33 videos and weighs in at over 5 hours of great guitar tuition!

FretHub presents an in-depth study on spicing up lead breaks using arpeggios and locating chord tones. Learn the CAGED shapes for major, minor, diminished, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th & minor 7 flat 5 arpeggios, allowing you to solo freely all over the neck. The series of lessons also covers arpeggio substitution, 2 note-per-string arpeggio shapes, string skipping ideas, David Gilmour-esque mini-sweeps, funky rhythm guitar playing and if that wasn’t enough, Bobby finishes by teaching you how to play the solo from the introduction video!

This Lesson

In this introduction video, Bobby begins by playing an arpeggio-laden solo over a funky backing track, before giving us an insight into what we can learn from this series.