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2018 – Already??


Greetings fellow pluckers, Nick here! We’ve decided to be a bit more prolific with our blogging this year and hopefully there’ll be plenty going on to talk about! I’m entering into my 3rd year on the official Motown show in London’s west-end and there’s no sign of it slowing down yet. Last year had me….. read more

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2017 – On the road again


Well here it is…finally, a new blog! It’s been a busy time professionally for Bobby and me. I’ve been working full time in London’s West-End on the official Motown Musical. So far we’ve been visited by The Four Tops, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wilson from the Supremes, and the main man Berry Gordy. We’re….. read more

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Well, That Was 2015…


Hi everyone, Well, it’s been a while since my last blog. Almost exactly a year, in fact! I’ve been a very busy boy over the past year, so I hope you can forgive me. Firstly, it’s probably old news by now, but after touring relentlessly with Brit Floyd for several years, I left the band….. read more

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Back From The Road


    It’s finally here. Nick’s 1st blog. I had to google ‘blog‘ to make sure that’s still what it’s called. Anyway, firstly a big thanks and welcome to all our new members. We also hope that everyone is enjoying the new site! So, I’ve just returned from another 2 weeks on the road with….. read more

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It’s Not Just About The Gear


A few years ago, I was providing private guitar tuition from my home and a new student showed up for his first lesson with a Zakk Wylde signature Gibson Les Paul. Zakk was this student’s favourite player and he genuinely believed that if he spent £2500 on his first guitar, he’d be good enough to….. read more

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Welcome to the NEW FretHub!


Hi all, Bobby here. Well, if you’re reading this, the wait is finally over. The all-new has been launched, thanks to the incredibly talented and hard-working Sarah Cox at Slikkr. Not only do we have a brand new site, but also, we’re busy filming and adding great new content, the first of which being….. read more

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“Home. Home again…”


Hi all, Bobby here. Well, it’s been a while since our last blog post, but there’s a very valid reason for the delay. Both Nick and myself have been doing some seriously hardcore touring. Nick returned last month from a long European tour, playing guitar with Queen Extravaganza. This fantastically authentic tribute to the mighty….. read more