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Soloing With Arpeggios – A new series of lessons

Now available in our new and ever-growing Intermediate section; Everything you ever wanted to know about arpeggios, but were afraid to ask! This mammoth series of lessons spans 33 videos and weighs in at over 5 hours of great guitar lessons!

FretHub presents an in-depth study on spicing up lead breaks using arpeggios and locating chord tones. Learn the CAGED shapes for major, minor, diminished, maj7, min7, dom7 & minor 7 flat 5 arpeggios, allowing you to solo freely all over the neck. The series of lessons also covers arpeggio substitution, 2 note-per-string arpeggio shapes, string skipping ideas, David Gilmour-esque mini-sweeps, funky rhythm guitar playing and if that wasn’t enough, Bobby finishes by teaching you how to play the solo in introduction video!

Also coming soon to Frethub: “150 Licks You Need To Know” and “Funk Rhythm Guitar”

All the best,

Bobby and Nick