Complete guitar course


150 Licks You Need To Know


FretHub are proud to announce the arrival of another huge module of lessons. Spread across 19 videos and totalling over 5 hours, this module is essential for any aspiring rock lead guitarists. Bobby breaks down over 150 classic rock and blues licks, explaining in detail all the commonly used guitar tricks and techniques that are….. read more

ZZ Top Style Backing Track


It’s finally here! You may have seen our YouTube clip of Nick jamming along to a ZZ Toppish track in the style of the great Billy Gibbons. Well now you can too, because we’ve just added our ZZ Top style backing track to the growing list of tracks that are available to our members. Take a….. read more

Soloing With Arpeggios – A new series of lessons


Now available in our new and ever-growing Intermediate section; Everything you ever wanted to know about arpeggios, but were afraid to ask! This mammoth series of lessons spans 33 videos and weighs in at over 5 hours of great guitar lessons! FretHub presents an in-depth study on spicing up lead breaks using arpeggios and locating chord….. read more

New Backing Tracks


We have now uploaded 3 new Backing Tracks to play with: The ‘Smooth Groove in Dm’, and 2 Blues Shuffle grooves. These will feature in a set of lessons we shall be filming in April when Bobby returns from his US tour. Watch out for a great new series of lessons which we’ll be uploading….. read more

It’s Roadie’s Day (one-two, one-two…)


Get it? No? Tough crowd! Hi everyone, After a crazy January, due to Bobby and Nick’s busy schedules with Rock Of Ages, Brit Floyd and The Classic Rock Show, we’re about to get very productive once more, here at Frethub HQ. We’re currently in the process of planning and filming some exciting lessons that will….. read more

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from FretHub


Hi everybody! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to a great 2012. If Santa bought you a new guitar over the festive period, or if your New Year’s Resolution is to learn some exciting new licks and techniques, then why not treat yourself to a subscription with Frethub. Our lessons….. read more

Site Launched


Finally, we’re proud to announce the arrival of FretHub!!!!!